What are the popular treetops?

A treetop is the ornament placed on the crown of the Christmas tree. Treetops, or tree toppers, can be in various shapes and designs. There are various decorations used in designs of treetops such as glitter or small led light. Traditionally, the most popular tree topper is a star because it represents the star of Bethlehem. More general ones include finials, Christmas angles or fairies. Other treetop choices can be paper decorations, bows, Santa Clauses, white doves, snowflakes, etc.

How Should I Choose the Best Treetop for My Christmas Tree?

First, you need to consider the shape of your Christmas tree; fuller, conical shaped trees will look better with star or angel tree toppers while pencil ones will look better with elongated treetops. For both natural and artificial Christmas trees, the space left between the top of your treetop and the ceiling should be around 5”. You can measure the space between the crown of the tree and the ceiling, subtract 5” and shop for the size of the treetop accordingly. Another consideration is the weight of the treetop. Your treetop should not be heavy so that it will cause your tree to lean or bend. Finally, you need to choose the design according to your Christmas theme.

How Do I Get My Christmas Tree Topper to Stay On?

Generally, your Christmas tree has a top branch reaching up. You can use the wires or cone-shaped part on the bottom of the treetop to place the ornament. In this case, if your topper still swings, you can use additional wires or tapes to secure its place. For a homemade, or weird-shaped treetop, you can use a stick as long as your tree with a loop on the top. You should place the stick in a way that it cannot be seen. Wires or tapes can be used to tie the stick parallel to the Christmas tree. Afterwards, you can place the bottom of the treetop to the loop on top of the tree.  

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