Women's Jewelry

Women's Jewelry

Maybe you are looking for a gift for a special person on a special day, or maybe you want to treat yourself; whatever the reason, there are few things that are as suitable as choosing from jewelry and buying that special piece after finding it. We are sure that you will find that precious piece you are looking for among the jewelry models in our women's jewelry section with stylish designs, quality brands, authentic products and reasonable prices.

Women’s Jewelry Designs

There are thousands of jewelry designs and types that you can choose from. Elegant earrings, beautiful pins, flamboyant necklaces, bracelets with a delicate touch on the wrist, elegant anklets and, of course, rings - the symbol of love- are just a few of the products you will come across while researching the jewelry section. However, figured pendants, necklaces with personal names and jewelry sets with or without stones, which should be found in every woman's accessory wardrobe, are also among the popular products.

Women’s Bracelets

Among the bracelet models, gold-plated stone-free bracelets, natural stone rows of bracelets, leather-thread silver-plated bracelet models are most popular ones. There are special hand-made bracelet designs within our collection. Do not forget to take a look at the models of knitted bracelets made of sand beads and bracelets with natural stones.

Women’s Rings and Earrings

In our Jewelry section, besides pearl earrings of all colors, there are earrings models made of natural stones such as amethyst, zircon, crystal, Swarovski, turquoise and emerald. In addition to earrings made of precious stones such as emerald, sapphire and ruby, earrings and rings made of natural stones such as agate, amethyst, onyx, and turquoise are waiting for you. Within our ring models there are gold-plated women's rings with zircon stones, men's rings made of natural stones such as onyx, agate, authentic joint ring sets, vintage ring models with diamonds, religious themed ring designs, pearl rings with Swarovski stones and much more.

Women’s Necklaces and Pendants

The stone-free necklace models in our category have metal options such as steel, bronze, gold and silver plated. Stone necklace models, on the other hand, offer options that appeal to many different styles, such as classic-style lined pearls, authentic figured ethnic necklaces, and modern stone necklace designs. Among the pearl necklace models, there are pearl pendants designed with motifs, classic row string pearl necklaces, designs with natural stones. Jewelry designs made of semi-precious gemstones such as zircon, Swarovski, bracelets made of bronze, titanium, gold- and silver-plated necklace earring sets, pearl sets and much more are waiting for you on The Season.

Jewelry Prices

Jewelry prices will vary depending on the type of the piece you want to buy. It is certain that you are at the right place to research jewelry prices and models and to buy stylish jewelry. Elegant jewelry models of popular brands such as Anne Klein, Aqua Polly, Betsey Johnson, Giani Bernini, Guess, Michael Kors, Macy’s, Vince Camuto, etc. are presented here to your taste. For silver accessories that will complement your elegance, we recommend you to review our Silver Jewelry category.

1928 Silver-Tone Stud Earrings (Navy)
2028 14K Gold-Dipped Initial Button Earrings
Adornia Heart Slide Through Lariat Necklaces
Adornia Heart Slide Through Lariat Necklaces
ADORNIA “EXTRA” Y-necklace (Gold)
Adornia “EXTRA” Y-necklace (Silver)
ADORNIA “WOKE” Y-Necklace (Gold)
Alfani Gold-Tone Ball Linear Earrings
Alfani Gold-Tone Stone Hoop Earrings
Alfani Gray Acrylic Round Button Earrings
Alfani Silver Tone, RHD Wide Hoop Earrings
Alfani Silver-Tone Sculpted Wave Ring
Alfani Silver-Tone Split Circle Ring
Alfani Silver-Tone Stone Drop Earrings,Blue
Alfani Stone Bolo Bracelet (Silver)
Alfani Tri-Tone 3-Pc. Set Pave Stackable Rings
Alfani Two-Tone Wide Ring (Silver/Gold)
Amorcito Celestial Dangles Earring (Gold)
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