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Talking Tables

Brand: Talking Tables SKU: PSPG-1924946950
Test your geography knowledge with Talking Tables 1000-Piece Circular World Map Puzzle. This unique Map Puzzle features landmarks from across the globe. Our Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults make for fun indoor activities and can be framed as wall art. Our map jigsaw puzzles are perfect for relaxing on a ra..
Brand: Talking Tables SKU: PSCP-1152945864
Capture festive frolics, snap away and upload photos on twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #christmascrowd. This photobooth kit by Talking Tables contains 20 festive props and disguises, and a large festive family house scene setter for hanging up as a backdrop. (sized 84cm x 150cm)Captur..
Brand: Talking Tables SKU: PSPG-512141377
Mix up or match up to create fun looking animals! Collect the most sets and become king of the animal kingdom. Each giftable box contains 36 cards to make 12 animal characters. Perfect for little party animals! This mix-up game is part of our bright and versatile range Party Animals.Mix up or ..
Brand: Talking Tables SKU: PSOG-565629476
Let the games commence in this ultimate Battle of the beverages! Whatever your preferred tipple, pick a side, gather your teammates get the party started! The Pong Wars kit includes: 6 plastic beer glasses, 6 plastic prosecco Coupes and 3 ping pong balls a twist on the class party game beer pong, pl..
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