Why are Christmas stockings hung?

Stockings are essential parts of a traditional Christmas decoration. They are hung near fireplaces, window fringes or on Christmas trees; or, in some traditions, children take them near their beds. The belief is Santa Clause or Saint Nicholas will come at the night of Christmas Eve and fill these stockings with Christmas gifts. Generally, gifts are placed under the Christmas tree, however; stockings are also popular places to find Christmas gifts.

Where should you hang your Christmas stockings?

Traditionally, Christmas stockings are hung down the fireplace. However, since not all houses have a fireplace and we can be more creative and make a unique Christmas scene, there are many decorative ideas to choose from. You can keep the traditional way but if you may want to spice up things a little bit, there are numerous cute and decorative stocking hangers to put on your fireplace. Hanging the stocking by the headboard is one option both for kids and adults. Dried branches hung on the wall, bookcases, coat hangers, coat trees, stairwells are all suitable and decorative places to hang your stockings. Make a pick considering your home. We are sure you will find the best Christmas décor.

What are good Christmas stocking stuffers for men, women and kids?

Generally, Christmas gifts are chosen and placed in Christmas stockings. However, traditionally dried food, little snacks or similar items are more appropriate. Since stockings have limited space, a big Christmas gift should go under the Christmas tree. For children, you can choose stationary products such as pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. Little toys or educational games can also be preferred. For men and women, you can go for small items you know they need such as earphones, self-care essentials such as small candles, incenses, etc., or practical items such as a Christmas themed notepad and pen. Go for smaller sized, preferably customizable gifts; these should not be the actual Christmas gifts you will give to your loved ones. There are numerous design, color and material choices when it comes to Christmas stockings. The season offers wide variety of choices from Holiday Lane and Bloomingdale's.

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