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Paula Bowl, 4.9\"D

 Paula Bowl, 4.9\
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Paula Bowl, 4.9\"D
  • Moser Paula Bowl Size: 4.9"D Design: 1902 Masterful treasury of the handicraft of Moser´s cutters, engravers and painters. Majestic, elegant and a decent design will be appreciated by an appraiser of the collectors glass and real handicraft. The artistically most perfect set of the Art Nouveau period under the rim and on the edge of the foot comes out the gilded engraving of two intertwined stems with thorns and leaves. Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal. Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss. Hand engraved with a delicate motif of roses. Hand gilded with a 24 K gold with a thin golden line on the upper rim of the glass A stunning product of the Art Nouveau movement, this pattern was designed in 1902. Originally called “Rose”, its unique shape imitates a flower’s calyx. The cut stem is six-sided and the bowl has six relief corners. The bowl is decorated with a copper-wheel engraved motif of a rose sprig. Under the rim and on the edge of the foot are gilded engravings of two intertwined stems with thorn and leaves. Paula is the most artistically successful Moser set from the Art Nouveau period. Here we find a masterfully elaborate floral decoration in the spirit of Art Nouveau. A plant motif of roses as if growing together with the chalice. Stems with leaves reaching out over the edges, buds with full-blown flowers that emphasize a unique shape imitating a flower chalice. For Moser, the set excels with its typical precision engraving, distinctive cut and demanding delicate gilding. It’s a vivid testament to the traditional striving of the glassworks to make the most of its masterful glassmaking techniques and to provide direction in modern trends. The elegant PAULA set was first introduced in 1902. It is still in demand and produced not only in the design of colourless crystal, but also in Moser’s rare colours. VIP owners The Princess of Saudi Arabia The President of Ukraine
  • Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal.
  • Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss.
  • Size: 4.9"D
  • Color: Alexandrite / Purple
  • Decorative Bowls
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SizePaula Bowl
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