Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls Toddlers, babies and children love playing with baby dolls. They love to play pretend with them and create settings, stories, etc. They are among the most preferred toys for toddlers starting from 18-24 months old. This is the time when they start enjoying playing pretend games. Also, this is the time when baby dolls come into the picture.

Why Children Love Playing With Baby Dolls?

Children, starting from their toddler ages, love a baby doll to play. They are also nice and caring gifts for toddlers. As it is so popular among child therapists, children like recreating real-life events they encounter and they do so with toys. While they use a wide variety of toys for recreating, baby dolls are the main type they use. They love playing with them because they can apply what they see done to themselves to them. Therefore, a doll is the way of a child to represent themselves or people around them.

Should Children Play With Baby Dolls?

Definitely yes. Children, independent of their gender, should play with baby dolls. This helps them develop and improve many skills such as social, cognitive and motor skills, responsibility, empathy, imagination and creativity, language and communication. A doll will teach your child how to take care of other children, for example their siblings, if they have. While playing with them, they will learn how to behave and communicate with their peers. Moreover, children can learn to take responsibility by taking care of their baby dolls. Emotions such as empathy and compassion can be improved with baby dolls. With correct guidance, they can learn to be responsible and caring individuals. With proper pretend-play games, you can teach your baby how to behave in social occasions while improving their imagination and creativity. You can also guide them with these games into using the language correctly and acquiring good communication skills.

Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive dolls are useful pretend-play companions to guide you kids into caring for others. Children can see what the baby needs and can provide them. These toys are very close to real babies. Therefore, they can teach older kids how to take care of their younger ones. Baby Alive dolls are very beneficial for acquiring empathy, compassion and responsibility, as well as improving motor and cognitive skills.

Baby Doll Types and Prices

You can find single ones or baby dolls equipped with necessary toys for certain occasions. Single dolls such as Gund My First Dolly can be the toy for any setting. Equipped baby doll sets will be more beneficial for specific pretend-play settings. For example, Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll comes with doctor accessories. You can enact a scene from doctor’s office and make your baby more comfortable while going there.  

18″ Huggably Soft Doll and Playset
18″ Huggably Soft Doll and Playset
18″ Huggably Soft Doll and Playset
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Disney’s Frozen 2 Elsa Doll and Nokk Figure
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