Bathroom décor shopping is the most enjoyable part of shopping for home and garden. The bathmats, rugs and toilet cover, shower curtains, towels and washcloths are the main products you can find on The Season.

Shower Curtains

The enjoyable shower curtains will add to your decoration. With cartoon printed shower curtains your bathroom will look enjoyable and funny. If you like singing in the shower, you can add more to your fun with them. Big Mouth offers funny, water repellent and mildew resistant shower curtains on The Season.


As we all aware, the bathroom is a wet place. Especially, we need to be careful about wet floors. Bathmats are needed to soak the water on the floor and keep you safe. Also, they are soft and cute. Ralph Lauren has high-quality options to choose from. You can choose a rug and place an area rug underneath for more protection from slippery floors.

Rugs and Toilet Covers

Another soft and cute decorative piece is the toilet cover. They come in various colors and softness from Charter Club and Colormate. Also, tube mats, rugs and floor mats look and feel very good in your bathroom. You can make a combination by choosing the matching ones and create your own decorative bathroom on The Season.

Towels and Washcloths

Towels and washcloths are used both is the bathroom and the kitchen. In the bathroom, you should prefer Calvin Klein soft washcloths so that you can feel the comfort while drying your hands and face. For your kitchen, Martha Stewart Collection, Celebrate Shop have colorful and cute, 100% cotton options. While decorating your bathroom, don’t forget the comfort and softness of your items. Matching sets and colorful options may look good. The Season offers non-slippery, decorative and soft products for your bathroom. You can have all the caution, comfort and aesthetics with our products.

Allure Printed Doormat. HOME FOR HOLIDAY S
Allure Sentiments Printed Doormat
Calvin Klein Home Tub Mat, Natural
Calvin Klein Home Tub Mat, Wild Plum
Calvin Klein Home Wash Cloth, Boxwood
Calvin Klein Home Wash Cloth, Midnight
Calvin Klein Home Wash Cloth, Stream
Calvin Klein Home Wash Cloth, White
Calvin Klein Sculpted Grid Washcloth (Cascade)
Calvin Klein Sculpted Grid Washcloth (Cream)
Calvin Klein Sculpted Grid Washcloth (Storm)
Calvin Klein Sculpted Grid Washcloth (Wine)
Celebrate Shop Cupcake Shower Sponge
Colormate Universal Lid English Ivy Color
Colormate Universal Microfiber Rug Lid Tan Color
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