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Handbags & Purses Handbags and purses are both essentials and collectibles for a women’s wardrobe. Just like shoes, a woman never has enough of them. They need to be practical, comfortable, not too big, not too small, fashionable, and stylish. It is hard to find a bag that checks out for all these criteria. The Season offers a nice selection of handbags for sale and purses for you to choose the perfect one.

Comfortable Designer Handbags for Women

While choosing a handbag, consider how comfortable it will be to carry it. You will carry your handbag everywhere with you. Think about your daily life or the occasion you will be attending. The comfort in carrying comes with several parameters. The bag needs to stay on your shoulder. Is should not slide every time you move. This is important for shoulder bags such as satchels. If it is summer, and your bag is touching your skin, it should not irritate it. Consider these while trying out a handbag for everyday use. Michael Kors handbags are known to be comfortable and worth their price.

Practical Leather Handbags

The material the handbag is made of should not be heavy. You will already put many items in it. If the bag is too heavy, with the addition of your stuff, it will be impossible to carry. For example, some leather handbags are heavy when empty. Consider what you carry with you every day and if these items are already heavy, opt for a lighter handbag for women. Also, the sections and pockets are very important. Crossbody handbags have lots of them. Once you think of the items you will put in your handbag, you can decide what kind of and how many sections and pockets you will need. For example, if you are carrying your change within your handbag, it should have a zippered pocket. Another parameter to consider is security. Check the bag’s outer closure. If it is not completely closed, it is not secure. No one wants to wander around the streets with an open handbag or purse, vulnerable to pickpockets. Make sure the bag has no openings once it is closed.

Fashionable Handbags for Ladies

Lastly, the style of the handbag for ladies should match with your everyday style. You can go with a more versatile, natural color and less accessorized bag. These will go with all your outfits and you will not need to change your bag every day. Another tip for choosing the color of your handbag would be to consider your hair color. A matching bag with your hair color will give the solid look you want. The Season has plenty of nice handbags on sale for women. There are numerous brands and styles to choose from. Adrianna Papell, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Emma Fox, Dooney & Bourke, Tommy Hilfiger are only some of them. Take a look at our saddlebags, crossbody bags, belt bags, clutches, and others. We are sure you will find the women’s handbag you need.

Adrianna Papell Navi Beaded Clutch (Pink)
Adrianna Papell Sibel Small Clutch Oyster
Adrianna Papell Vail Refined Clutch – Black
Aqua Crochet Beaded Bag, Black
Arron Large Net Hobo Handbag, Beige
Calvin Klein  Sequin Clutch (Charcoal)
Calvin Klein Lock Leather Bucket Bag, Black
Calvin Klein Lock Leather Shoulder Bag, Beige
Calvin Klein Lock Leather Shoulder Bag, Brown
Calvin Klein Lola Clutch (Black Gold)
Calvin Klein Pebble Hobo (Cypress, L)
Calvin Klein Roxy Handbag Crossbody(Sand)
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