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Brand: KeySmart SKU: PSKK-845799285
If you weren't a germaphobe before the coronavirus pandemic, you are by now. CleanKey is the next best thing to washing your hands non-stop.That's because this little anti-microbial copper-alloy tool reduces the point-of-contact area by over 99 percent, limiting your exposure to life-threatening..
Keysmart CleanTray UV Sterilization Case (White) Keysmart CleanTray UV Sterilization Case (White)
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Brand: KeySmart SKU: PSHD-1908415391
The Keysmart CleanTray UV Sterilization Case kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in 5 minutes and fits smartphones up to 7 inches as well as your Keysmart, wallet and other accessories. Store and sanitize daily essentials at home or in the office. It's portable, lightweight and eco-friendly. No mercu..
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