Decorative Nutcrackers

Decorative Nutcrackers  

What is the meaning behind a nutcracker?

Nutcrackers come from German folklore. They originally represent toy soldiers. There are various versions of decorative nutcrackers used as Christmas decorations. The Nutcracker figurines represent good luck and keeping away bad spirits which may harm you or your family. They are also symbols of strength and power, physically and mentally.

Why Nutcrackers are Used in Christmas Décor?

The initialization of the tradition goes back to 1944 when San Francisco Ballet put out the famous show “The Nutcracker”. Later, around 1960s, The Nutcracker ballet became an annual event to be put out every Christmas. With the Nutcracker event becoming a traditional Christmas ballet, nutcracker decorations became popular around Europe and United States.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Corner with Nutcrackers?

Decorative nutcrackers come in various shapes, designs and uses. Although originally, they were used to crack nuts; nowadays, they are used purely for decorative purposes. Nutcracker ornaments can be very nice decorations for your Christmas tree. You can also use a nutcracker tree topper. There are various types of nutcracker stocking holders or just nutcracker figurines for top of the fireplaces. These can also be used to hang stockings for Christmas gifts.

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