Christmas Garlands

Christmas Garlands  

What Do Garlands Symbolize?

Garlands are flowers and leaves decoratively arranged for particular occasions. In Christmas, garlands are used to decorate Christmas trees, walls, fireplaces, etc. generally they are symbols of beauty, purity, peace and love. Because they are made of leaves and flowers, they represent nearly everything positive and optimistic.

Why Do We Hang Garlands at Christmas?

Garlands came to United States from Europe as a Christmas tradition. They bring the joy and freshness of nature to the home. Religiously, the round shaped garlands symbolize eternal love for Jesus. They were also used as a symbol of the crown of thorn Jesus wore on his day of crucifixion. Nowadays garlands are used widely in Christmas decorations. Fresh garlands bring the scent of the nature to your home. Plastic ones can be more practical since they can be used for years. They can be decorated with flowers, ornaments, little Christmas lights, etc.  

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