Bell Ornaments

Bell Ornaments  

What Do Bells Mean at Christmas?

Bells generally have many symbolic meanings. For example, they are rung to call people for prayer, to announce the marriage of two people, to announce events and occasions. In Christmas, bells symbolize the beginning of the new year. Moreover, they announce the birth of Jesus Christ. This tradition also comes from old pagan rituals. At times before Christ, people would ring bells in celebrations similar to Christmas to spook away bad spirits. The noise bells make was believed to scare the devil itself. In time, people liked ringing bells and the meaning changed from scaring bad spirits to making celebrations.

How Are Bells Used in Christmas?

The bells used commonly in Christmas are called jingle bells or sleigh bells. They are generally used in groups. They have various decorative and sound-making uses around Christmas time. On a Christmas tree, bell ornaments are used for decoration. Although some bells are just symbols, not making noise, they are used as ornaments and charms. Smaller versions of these bell ornaments can also be used as necklaces. The ringing ones can be hung around a wire and can be used as wreaths. Stars, snowflakes, metal bows and many other decorations are used on top of the bells to decorate the ornaments itself.  

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