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Recycled Metal Ribbon Cutout Tray Collection (Brown)

 Recycled Metal Ribbon Cutout Tray Collection (Brown)
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Recycled Metal Ribbon Cutout Tray Collection (Brown)

In the village of Croix des Bouquets, metal, fire and muscle come together to create beautiful ribbon cutout trays. The clinking-clanking music of the streets of Croix des Bouquets comes from the creative tapping of countless hammers on metal being shaped by artisans. David Belle, founder of Haiti's Cine Institute and a Croix des Bouquets collector, comments about the metalwork: "There's so little in our lives these days that feels hand made, and the art so clearly shows the fact that it was all done by hand, without power tools -- only a hammer, chisel and wire brush. Every single ridge or raised dimple is an individual chisel mark. A close look reveals hundreds and hundreds of hammer strokes. I think people respond to that, and respect it."

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